Taskscape Ltd has been founded as part of a Polish Consortium of four companies, based in the United Kingdom in a response to a need for building innovative startups founded both by private and public funds. The company provides essential backbone services for building startups as part of Innovative Economy, Intelligent Development and Bridge Alpha programmes.

The company has initially focused mainly secure hosting and monitoring services, moving on to providing software services soon after. Today company provides custom software development, primarly for the market of collaboration software and high grade encryption systems. Although the company provides services mainly for the Polish market, the company operates under English law due to stability in terms of rules of law, lack of corruption, as well as overall political stability

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The company has been bootstrapped of private funds, mostly transferred by acquiring liquid cash, software and servers of a Taskscape Partnership, operating as a sole proprietorship of the main investor. The sole proprietorship has been transformed into a Limited Liability Company along with company assets (including all vehicles, hardware and software). Eventually the company reformed in 2015 as the Taskscape Ltd, as operating today.

Taskscape Ltd operates mainly on British and Polish markets. The company has been nominated as a provider of choice in a number of projects funded by European Structural Funds (mainly via PARP and NCBiR). Among others, the company has been involved into developing and/or investing in a number of projects, like: SpendingTracker (BudzetDomowy), TaskBeat (BudzetFirmowy), Outlinea, Portfelio, Intelitech as well as many others like Effizine, Expert or Exea.pl - all of which the company (co)developed with support of our software engineers, operating as part of Taskscape Consortium.

Taskscape Consortium provided hardware, services and licences for a number of publicly funded projects, reinvesting profits incurred in exchange for rights to equity in those projects, once they're released to private offering. Today Taskscape Ltd, as a member of Taskscape Consortium, is either owner, or major stakeholder in Outlinea, Portfelio, TaskBeat, and Intelitech and several other projects - formerly customers of Taskscape Ltd.

Today the company operates in a number of consortiums, continuing to provide services and/or invest in highly computational research and development, including projects in medical, security sectors. Our growing portfolio of of existing products is re-supplied to our customers in the process of delivering new products. Where possible the company agrees to provide services by investing at least 15 per cent of project value in exchange for rights to least 85 per cent of project in five year perspective each.

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