Taskscape Ltd is a software design studio which delivers software architecture designs. The company specialises in designing business Software, specifically experienced in the area of: designing medical device software, designing cloud native software, designing software for e-commerce and fintech projects.

Taskscape Ltd architects and designers hold their products to the highest standards. Taskscape has been created as a response to unreliable, inaccessible and protective consultancies. By understanding customer’s business we take responsibility for the success and lifecycle of products. Focusing primarly on the Microsoft technologies, Taskscape provides benefits of designing the cutting edge cross platform services using latest tools and technologies.

Our team has a strong focus on delivering value both from a business and IT perspective and is proud to have the honor to work with enterprises, SMEs and startups (along with their founders) who are shaping the world for the future. Taskscape Ltd is a big enthusiast of client’s lifetime value and trusted advisor’s philosophies.

As our team is stable and have been working for many years and completed multiple projects, we’re offering the best working environment, salaries exceeding market average and a unique holiday programme with at least 60 days of paid holiday a year for everyone. Our small team focuses on core competencies allowing us to represent agile, yet professional approach to every selected client:

The term "TaskScape" is often credited to social anthropologist Tim Ingold. As Ingold has described the term: “just as the landscape is an array of related features, so “by analogy“ the taskscape is an array of related activities.” Taskscape, then is a socially constructed space of human activity, understood as having spatial boundaries and delimitations for the purposes of analysis.

  • Certified Professionals
  • Experienced developers
  • Business oriented
  • Experienced architects
  • Transparent and approachable
  • Clear communicators

With access to all major European airports within just hours away we favour frequent face to face meetings in person with our customers and long term cooperation that involves multiple ways of improving business efficiency. We’re investing heavily into really knowing business of our clients and the need of retaining the knowledge within company. Therefore we can aid our customers with spotting business opportunities and training our clients’ employees as well as their local development teams.

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We believe communication is the key element of a successful software development project. Every project has a dedicated manager who reports project progress to you on a weekly basis. You will receive access to the continously updated testing environment and the source code repository. We also provide access to TaskBeat which allows you to follow progress, discussions and timesheets for full transparency.

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We specialise in building custom collaboration and productivity applications. We develop and maintain existing code base with technologies like: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office 365. We leverage the power or NET framework allowing agile and rapid application software development. We deliver compiled applications that have bare metal performance characteristics similar to native applications.

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