Managers constantly strugle to motivate and measure their workforce to get the right stuff done. The number of work, task, project management methodologies is growing.

There growing number of tools supporting various methodologies helps but adoption rate is still lower than many managers would expect.

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Growing variety of tools is a good thing as more and more managers find the methodology and a tool that works well in the context of their business. The era of everyone trying to twist Microsoft Project to make it work is over. Unfortunatelly many other tools try to make managers adapt whole company business model to match the specifics of this tool. We're now in an agile world of business that is far away from planning routes from A to B in a fixed way.

Still I find many companies struggling to adapt management tools in their companies. Low adoption rate is particularly severe among the workforce actually having to use the tools that are still far from fit the specific purpose of business.

The low adoption rate stems from a number of activities and gaps of functionality that We sell specific workflows and specific maanagement functionalities that are tailor made for business models.

These functionalities come in different shape or form, ranging from reports or metrics that are tailored made by us to specific business.

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