REST is often mistaken, whereas it only specifies the way the paths and verbs are constructed and used to handle resources exposed over HTTP endpoints.

GETA GET method (or GET request) is used to retrieve a representation of a resource. It should be used SOLELY for retrieving data and should not alter.
PUTA PUT method (or PUT request) is used to update a resource. You can update this specific resource by using the "put" method to update resource with a new version of a resource - given its complete representation provided in the request. We should avoid creating resources by using POST.
POSTA POST method (or POST request) is used to create a resource OR to perform arbitrary action on a resource (other than modifying it, updating it, or deleting it). You can use the POST method to post it to a URL and let the server decide the address of a new resource.
PATCHA PATCH method (or PATCH request) is used to modify a resource. Patch request should contain only the changes to the resource, instead of the complete resource - in order to perform a partial update of an existing resource.
DELETEA DELETE method (or DELETE request) is used to delete a resource identified by its location.

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