Software design must satisfy number of functional, as well as non-functional requirements. One of those requirements is testability, because software testing can be automated in order to speed up the whole development process.

I take great personal pride in being part of creating both the process right to satisfy business, technical and regulatory requirements for many companies, as well as european institutions. Software design process matters because it determines a number of non-functional qualities, such as performance or testability of software systems under development. Testability is often forgotten or marginalised whereas in fact it matters possibly equally to other non-functional requirements in all private companies and public institutions. Private companies working for the public sector and public institutions specifically need developing software that can be proven as reliably compliant with regulatory requirements.

Testability ultimately determines the ability of creating complete testing environment and developing high code coverage quickly. Those tests are absolutely crucial in highly regulated environments where diffent functionalities are guarded by very complex system or roles, permissions and policies - simply because it is impossible to specify all the exceptions with evry change, whereas all edge and exceptional cases can be covered by automatic tests.

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