TaskBeat is a service enabling customers to seamlessly manage projects and budgets. The service is offering real time collaboration within corporate social network. Application is provided in a on-prem or hosted option, with full source code and dozens of extensions.

- Developer

Zagozda sp. z o.o.

Szczecin, Poland

- Features
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Budget Management
  • Resource management
  • Open Source
  • Self Hosted

TaskBeat allows to communicate and delegate easily. Each member of your team receives their own individual list of tasks reshuffled according to relevance based on priority and importance. Each member of your team can now work in line with business priorities to get the right work done quicker.

Service Taskbeat

Improve communication. Publish and track projects, tasks, documents, calendars, contacts and comments in one workspace. Unleash productivity potential locked within your team by centralising information about projects, calendards, documents, tasks and activities in one place.

Increase productivity. Give every team member a clear list of tasks to work on. Try to break everything into small, achievable tasks that take at most a few hours to complete. These are great at keeping me motivated, because your team feels great every time they complete one.

- Project History

Taskscape Ltd has bought the company in 2017 and today is a legal successor of the European Regional Development Fund co-financing agreement, as well as the owner of the trademark and copyright owner of the service. Taskscape Ltd is also a successor of ongoing contracts with existing customers of the original developer of the service.

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